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High-status political figures and senior executives are only influential if their own ideologies are seen as mainstream and not too extreme, finds new research from ESMT Berlin.

Those with high-status in an organisation have greater influence, making it easier for them to get their ideas and initiatives adopted by the organisation. Their views often carry greater weight due to the greater attenti...

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Employee health and well-being is often an afterthought for businesses. However, all will have to change following the pandemic according to Professor of Management Dr. Argyro Avgoustaki from ESCP Business School.

Through the radical changes in employees´ work and personal lives and increased uncertainty about the future, COVID-19 has a massive impact on employee wellbeing, especially on men...

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Highly talented workers join prestigious firms, according to new research by the University of Cologne, Bielefeld, Braunschweig and the California State University, East Bay.

The study, conducted by Professor Oliver Gurtler, confirms that it is harder to advance in a competitive firm, but the promotion is higher valued by the labour market.

This leads the most talented workers to join prestigiou...

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For the first time in history, enterprise organizations are proving it’s possible to go digital in a matter of weeks instead of years. What changed? The answer is us.

When the US economy collapsed in 2008, most businesses responded by going digital. Simply, automation meant cost savings. From 2008-2013, Fortune 100 retail companies partnered with Avenue Code to pioneer e-commerce solutions that s...

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A dramatic workforce transformation is happening in front of our eyes. COVID-19 began as a health crisis and is playing out as an economic crisis and a social crisis. Work literally left the building and whole industries are disrupting at speeds never seen before. To find out how COVID-19 is accelerating What Workers Want, ManpowerGroup, in partnership with Reputation Leaders, asked 8000 people in...

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Online scams are a huge problem in many industries and the emerging Bitcoin space is no exception.

Last week, CoinCorner was the target of an aggressive phishing scam on Facebook, with fraudsters creating more than 100 new business pages ( claiming to be the Bitcoin exchange and tagging genuine followers/friends/family of the company in misleadi...

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Countries must rethink how they manage their foreign economic relations, reveals new report from LSE IDEAS, The London School of Economics’ foreign policy think tank.

According to the report, authored by Professor Linda Yueh, a leading economist and Visiting Professor at LSE IDEAS, challenges stemming from the changed global economy, US-China tensions, as well as a backlash against globalisation,...

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According to research from Professor Andrew Burke, Chair of Business Studies and Dean at Trinity Business School, and Marc Cowling, Professor of Business Economics at the College of Business, Law, and Social Sciences University of Derby, the use of freelancers enhances employment growth by improving productivity.

Using data from a random survey of 1,028 SME owner-managers and Senior Executives in...

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Asset owners looking to prioritise sustainability should ensure their investments are not supporting asset management firms that undermine CSR, according to new research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

Activist hedge funds are becoming increasingly influential in the economy as they prioritise maximising shareholder value and focus on minimising corporate spending t...

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