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Covid-19 has altered the talent acquisition landscape as we know it, with hiring activity hit hard, but the quality of a new hire remains a top priority for the majority (60%) of businesses. That’s according to research from global talent acquisition and management firm, Alexander Mann Solutions.

The report – in partnership with Aptitude Research – analysed a mix a quantitative and qualitive rese...

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Managing Cultural Change in a Crisis

Published: 23 Oct 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has magnified a myriad of challenges in the healthcare sector. Whilst there is no magic cure, a change in culture can deliver seemingly miraculous benefits including reducing the effects of staff burnout, delivering a higher quality of care and increasing productivity. It is well within the remit of leaders, who can use their power, to influence workplace culture and drive...

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Organisations at the top of the supply chain rely on a nimble network of SMEs to provide niche products. This unique status provides SMEs with disproportionate access to important information. So, while it might be the big-name brands that generate attention grabbing headlines about data breaches, it can be the weak security credentials of smaller organisation’s that expose the entire chain.

The ...

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Which Boss Are You?

Published: 19 Oct 2020

An exploration into how popular fiction has shaped modern business management styles has been published this week, by Dr Martyn Griffin of Durham University Business School.

From, Psychotic, Incompetent or Greedy, to Good or even Heroic, “Fiction and the Identity of the Boss” profiles 100 bosses from film and TV, and categorises them under one of 10 different management types, in an attempt to un...

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Bonusly, an engaging recognition and rewards solution that connects teams and enriches company culture, hasy released research data on a variety of issues facing employees during the multiple crises of 2020 — identifying peer recognition, a fun workplace, and open discussions about anxiety and stress in the workplace as key drivers of employee engagement.

The survey of 1,261 full-time and part-t...

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Fraud patterns are evolving quickly since the coronavirus outbreak. However, the recent introduction of PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication has meant that liability switches from merchant to customer for fraudulent transactions. Rob Crutchington at Encoded discusses how the new payment rules benefit merchants in a volatile retail market.

Payment fraud losses have been steadily increasing over...

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Throughout 2020 a new mindset emerged amongst consumers as the pandemic continued to disrupt everyday life across the world. As the months have progressed, both the health crisis and economic downturn are continuing at pace. People are focusing on ensuring they can both keep themselves and their families safe and also continue to provide for them.

This mindset is evidenced in where people are goi...

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Adopting Artificial Intelligence is just the first step, the second is unlocking the true potential of AI to boost customer confidence with a focus on data. Henry Jinman of EBI.AI reveals his 3-step formula for winning hearts and minds in the quest for consumer trust in the age of AI.

The post pandemic world will be a dramatically different place, with more people working from home and shopping o...

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Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business and leading provider of cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS), has announced the findings from its Connections Survey, benchmarking the interpersonal and technological impact of remote work. Nearly 60% of employees feel more isolated and disconnected from their work and their teams, with 49% stating they want to see their offices improve remote...

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