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Anxious investors are less likely to experience extreme losses and go bankrupt, according to new research by emlyon business school.

The study, conducted by Brice Corgnet, Professor of Finance at emlyon, in collaboration with Camille Cornand, Research Professor in Economics at GATE CNRS and Nobuyuki Hanaki , Professor of Economics at Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University fou...

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Whether we’re more concerned with our own career development or the success of the company is often determined by our culture, reveals new research from Durham University Business School.

Researchers Yanjun Guan, Hong Deng, and Xinyi Zhou indicated that culture plays a key role in shaping the way people assess and cope with the stress on their work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They reviewed ...

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With more businesses turning to technology to deliver virtual, AI or online recruitment processes, global talent acquisition and management firm, Alexander Mann Solutions, has urged employers to ensure technology is developed with diversity and inclusion in mind, and not just with data scientists or technologists leading the design of new tools.

Gamification and virtual interviews are increasingl...

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With reports suggesting that fewer businesses will return to traditional office environments, leader in talent acquisition and managed workforce solutions, Guidant Global, has welcomed the workforce progression that the coronavirus outbreak has driven, but warns that strategic talent plans need to be reviewed before rushing back to work.

A recent analysis by the Financial Times revealed varying v...

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Experts from LSE IDEAS, The London School of Economics’ foreign policy think tank and no.1 ranked university affiliated think tank in the world, have discussed the likelihood and impact of China withdrawing from the world economy in a virtual debate.

Hosted by LSE IDEAS, chaired by LSE IDEAS Director Professor Michael Cox, and featuring LSE IDEAS Associates, George Magnus, Dr Yu Jie and Geoffrey ...

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During the coronavirus pandemic, purchasing from industrial suppliers actually increased in countries with high uncertainty avoidance, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Spain, whilst buying was least affected in low uncertainty avoidant countries such as the UK, China, and India, finds new research from ESMT Berlin.

Olaf Plötner, Professor at ESMT Berlin and director of the centre Bringing Tech...

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4 Steps for Successful Home Working

Published: 22 Jun 2020

One of the biggest challenge’s homeworkers are facing day-to-day is achieving balance. However according to new research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) there are proactive steps we can take to help us feel more in control of our time.

According to Dr Rebecca Hewett, Assistant Professor in the department of Organisation and Personnel Management: “If we want to operat...

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Most firms don’t adequately incorporate culture into corporate governance, according to new research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

Corporate codes of conduct are a practical corporate social responsibility (CSR) instrument commonly used to govern employee behavior and establish a socially responsible organizational culture, however according to the study many firm...

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Europe - and the EU - needs to step up now if it wishes to remain a relevant international player, finds a new report from no.1 ranked university affiliated think tank, LSE IDEAS.

According to the report, Europe faces a number of challenges that limit its future significance as a global and regional power – such as Brexit.

The impact of the UK’s departure from the European Union on Europe will b...

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