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Business leaders say this is a good time to acquire companies and believe that mergers and acquisitions may rise in the next two quarters, according to the DealMaker Meter report, Optimism Prevails Despite Uncertainty, from Donnelley Financial Solutions (NYSE: DFIN), a leading risk and compliance company. Based on an online survey of 100 company executives, financial experts including advisors, co...

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Following reports that white collar workers are allegedly now under threat by AI, specialist recruitment firm, Robert Half, has argued that the right implementation of this tech will in fact help both save and create new, higher skilled jobs, rather than replace people altogether.

As Craig Freedberg, Regional Director of Technology at Robert Half, explained, now is a prime opportunity to use AI t...

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The business landscape with geopolitical tensions, sustainability concerns, and supply chain disruptions is changing the IoT market perspective, according to Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) Top 10 Growth Predictions for 2023. As a result, businesses are implementing a comprehensive IoT strategy in the short term, envisioning outcomes and growth opportunities th...

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Corporate processes that hinder productivity leads to boredom at work that can further lead to burnout, finds new research by emlyon business school.

The study, conducted by professor Lotta Harju, investigated the relations between job stressors, boredom at work and burnout.

The study found that organizational red-tape lead to more ‘boreout’, a feeling of constant boredom and loss of interest in...

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IBM Security has released its annual X-Force Threat Intelligence Index finding that although ransomware's share of incidents declined only slightly (4 percentage points) from 2021 to 2022, defenders were more successful detecting and preventing ransomware. Despite this, attackers continued to innovate with the report showing the average time to complete a ransomware attack dropped from 2 month...

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The tide is turning in the USA, a country shaped by generations of immigrants from across the globe, whose descendants went on to create the largest wealth market in the world. However, as we enter 2023, a new dynamic is playing out, with wealthy Americans seeking greener pastures abroad at an unprecedented rate. And as highlighted in the inaugural USA Wealth Report, published by investment migrat...

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Telematics technology is ubiquitous in the fleet and transport sector, as businesses endeavour to optimise safety, efficiency and performance. As we traverse a tougher economic climate, businesses must be increasingly sophisticated in using the right technology to improve efficiencies.

"The race for increased business efficiency is gaining momentum. Using telematics technologies fleet owners...

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Floating solar photovoltaics (FSPVs) are a game-changer in the renewable energy sector, according to the most recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan, Technological Advancements in Floating Solar Technologies. The conventional land-based solar power business is challenged by the rising prices of land acquisition brought on by the growing population. FSPVs, in this instance, do not require land and...

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During the last 12 months, Corporate INTL’s research department has conducted reviews, drawing insight from business leaders, advisers and investors based around the world, logging their nominations to produce a shortlist of candidates. The resulting publication will be viewed by the recipients of the monthly magazine; it is also hosted on our website, at

2023 marks Corp...

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