ChatGPT and AI Could Boost Technology Recruitment and Lead to Job Growth

Published: 22 May 2023

The growing adoption and use of AI models such as ChatGPT could actually benefit technology professionals, rather than stealing jobs, but it will require further skills investment.

Global technology consultancy, Lorien has argued that ChatGPT and other AI models are still a significant way off being able to carry out specialised roles without human intervention and could actually create new opportunities for professionals within the technology sector in the coming years.

The firm has highlighted that roles within fields including machine learning, natural language processing and data management could increase as the use of these platforms becomes more widespread, subsequently creating numerous new career possibilities for specialists.

It has also been suggested that AI could be used to make recruitment processes more efficient through automation, therefore saving time, money and additional resources. It also has the potential to be leveraged to improve the wider candidate experience by enabling personalised, real-time responses to candidate requests, as well as leading to the reduction of unconscious biases throughout the recruitment journey.

However, as David Gettins, Managing Director of Lorien UK, explained, skills development needs to be a focus for employers:

“Currently the technology is only as good as the humans behind it – and the humans using it. Considering that our current forms of AI draw data from human-produced content, that also means it’s as flawed as those who created it. It might be misinformed, or biased, or both, and it requires human intervention to lead it in the right direction.

“Obviously, the likes of ChatGPT can help with research and some more monotonous roles but ultimately, it’s a content aggregator, not something producing original thought. It needs sense checking to make sure it’s fit for purpose and will definitely still require a human touch for the foreseeable future.

“What we will need in the UK, though, is further investment into tech skills and upskilling to ensure people are equipped with the knowledge to be able to utilise and manage AI. That includes greater support for those whose roles are being changed by technology who perhaps haven’t historically had the training and experience to capitalise on the latest developments.”

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