nShift: 58% of Consumers Cut Spend on Non-essential Items

Published: 03 Feb 2023

As people across the world continue to feel the pinch, some 58% of shoppers have reduced spending on non-essential items. nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management and shipment software, has released a guide exploring how retailers can keep the concerns of price-conscious consumers top of mind.

Experts at nShift believe that while cost won't be the only factor driving consumer behavior in 2023, it is likely to be the biggest one. In its new guide, Delivering for shoppers in 2023, nShift explores the seven major trends that will drive e-commerce over the months ahead. It offers helpful advice on how they can adjust their strategies to respond to them.

Sometimes it will simply not be possible, or very difficult, for retailers to offer discounts on products. But one of the ways that web shops and online retailers can help cut costs for consumers is to consider more affordable delivery options at Checkout. This could include "click and collect" or options for slower, cheaper deliveries, even for fairly small orders.

Carl Nilsson, Product Director, Delivery at nShift says, "It's no great secret that 'cost' is going to be the watchword of the year. Yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about discounts anyway. But this year, shoppers are going to seek value for money with a new urgency. It's important that retailers keep this top of mind. As well as offering great deals, they need to think about keeping consumer costs down across the process. That could mean allowing people to pick up online purchases in-store and optimizing deliveries to make them more cost effective."

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