Remote Working Needs More Than Infrastructure to Make It Work

Published: 22 May 2020

With news reports revealing that Information Technology leaders at software companies such as Dropbox Inc. and Elastic NV are preparing for an extension of remote working across states, leading MSP and talent acquisition specialist, Guidant Global has warned that successful management of off-site workers requires more than infrastructure.

According to the expert in talent attraction and engagement, technology is just one of the three pillars of successful remote working policies, and employers need to ensure they invest as much time and finances into the other two elements as well:

• Training staff to effectively communicate: while technology will certainly aid communication with remote workforces, ensuring it is effective is achieved through proper management, including enabling two-way dialogue that is driven by managers and staff alike. Businesses need to invest in upskilling senior teams to ensure they are adapting the way they communicate with employees outside of the usual office settings.

• Transitioning the role of HR from bit-part player to a strategic leader: If remote working policies are to be future-fit, the role of human resources and people managers needs to shift to much more leadership and strategy focused functions that ensures remote teams are cost-effective. This will require greater involvement in board-level decisions, and organisations need to ensure HR truly has a seat at the table in order to successfully implement and manage remote working policies.

Robin Sanders, Senior Vice President, Client Solutions at Guidant Global, explained:

“Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation and will drive a longer-term evolution of the world of work as we know it, but employers have a difficult landscape to navigate now – and fast. While technology will certainly act as the enabler for successful remote working practices, there’s more to this than software alone. Those forward-thinking businesses will ensure they are investing in their people development and training managers and wider teams to thrive out of the office environment.

“The ever-changing world we live in now is nothing like we could have imagined just a few months ago. However, the more we assess the great remote work transition, the more we see glimmers of hope resting underneath the surface. We’ve seen new technology embraced overnight, and the often-discussed flexible working practices that employees have craved for decades have become the new norm. But some of the concerns about remote work have also come to the fore. For HR leaders and people managers, the challenge now is ensuring that businesses can make the most of the remote working revolution that Covid-19 has driven.”

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