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Intellectual Property | India

We M&P IP PROTECTORS, office for Intellectual Property Rights is based in Ahmedabad, India. Our main area of practice includes Patent, Trademarks, Designs, Copyright, IP Consultation, IP Infringement Dispute, Analysis, Startup Mentoring and DMCA services in India as well as across the world. Moreover, we are also associated and working closely with many reputed Organization/Research Institutes and empaneled Mentor with many Startup incubation Centers and MSME business.

We M&P IP PROTECTORS have been the most serious and essential assets of the industry
across the nation and around the globe. M&P IP PROTECTORS is composed of an experienced team of experts who offer productive and progressive solutions to a business facing complex Intellectual Property challenges.

As a proactive Intellectual Property firm, our internationally diverse experience and a multi skilled teams have excelled in satisfying both the national and international clients. Actively catering both the organized and emerging markets, our team of experts are either members or have a valid approach to almost all communities of all sectors.

With our fundamental, out of the box approach, we have been providing our client’s an insight and resolution into the local and international business conditions. All this is accompanied by our experience in multiple jurisdictions around the globe.

Our team are grouped in a manner so that they have all set of skills, expertise and practices to manage IP related services including Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Industrial Design, Legal Drafting and others to their best. We have been constantly providing excellent legal advice, always with a strong commercial edge and expert assistance which is delivered on the scheduled time.

M&P IP Law protector is a nationwide company with the Leading protectors in the industry. We have been active solution providers for your intellectual property and legal concerns. Committed to deliver what we advise is our core to attain trust and avoid client dissatisfaction.

M&P IP PROTECTORS is a global law firm contributing to a wide range of markets in global IPR firm handling overseas jurisdiction. We have been rendering considerate, IPR related services to client’s jurisdictions under the sun, and providing them a consistent standard of outstanding legal services.

Our competitive pricing base and our approach towards handling our clients have helped us gain their trust, thus enabling us in global expansion and even grabbing an increase in the quantitative increase of projects we handle at one point of time.
This has all been possible with the group effort of our team leaders we acquire and quality of experts that are working together as a team.

We have created new benchmarks and raised the bar from what is currently there as the present standards. What our team focuses on is efficient processes, tracking and reporting to the management and the client. This keeps all updated to avoid any sort of miscommunication. We have enhanced our precautionary standards to safeguard our client’s rights, still getting the best of the results.

Team at M&P IP PROTECTORS believes in an impact by creating benchmarks. This reflects in our work style and our character. We are determined to protect the originality of our approach as each team member is supported to have ownership of their project are encouraged to provide a top quality results.

Understanding the client’s needs well find a sustainable resolution is what we do to form a long-standing relationship. We as a group believe that “client’s win is our win”. Hence our team is constantly providing excellent legal advice, with the support of their experience and exposure.

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