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Árpád Geréd
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Labour and Employment | Austria

Árpád Geréd is an international IT-lawyer and founding partner of Viennese business law firm Maybach Görg Lenneis Geréd Rechtsanwälte GmbH.

Having studied in Vienna and Namur, Belgium, with advanced studies in law, economics and informatics at the DGTIC (Droit et Gestion des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication), he concentrates on the support of businesses in the fields of IT and technology as well as of businesses from Eastern Europe. 

Over the last 10 years, Mr Geréd has specialised in consultation in and negotiating of technology-related deals, with a strong focus on cloud computing and cyber security. Having also worked in-house at a major multinational corporation from the ITC-sector, he is experienced in evaluating such contracts from an external as well as from an internal point of view.

In 2015 Mr Geréd has furthermore been accredited as an auditor for the Star Audit, a scheme specifically created for the wholesome evaluation of cloud services.

Since 2001, Mr Geréd acted as a speaker on IT- and technology-related topics, such as cyber crime, smart metering and cloud computing in Austria and abroad, publishing corresponding articles among others in the Annual Proceedings of the International Legal Informatics Symposium. He is also an author and master editor for the legal part of the third edition of the multinational and interdisciplinary book “Cloud Migration”, to which he has already contributed in the first and second edition. Furthermore he is a regular contributor to the well known series “Getting the Deal Through”, his most recent article having been published in the second edition of “Cybersecurity 2016”.

In 2014, Mr Geréd has been elected vice-president of technology of the Commission for Intellectual Property, Technology, Media and Telecommunications (IP/TMT) of the AIJA, the most important international association devoted to lawyers and in-house counsel aged 45 and under. 

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