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Arielle Law Corporation is a boutique law firm in Singapore that focuses on providing top-notch corporate advice, is service driven, and flexible in presenting commercially practical solutions for its corporate clients.  Arielle Law’s greater dexterity, innovativeness and responsiveness versus its larger behemoth competitors is what allows Arielle Law to thrive in the current landscape where there are more Small-Medium-Enterprises (“SMEs”) and business start-ups than ever before.  Arielle Law’s speed in fulfilling its clients’ needs is what every business person requires in today’s fast-paced business world.

The founder of Arielle Law, Koh C-u Pinn, has more than 15 years of experience in the legal industry, both in private practice and inhouse.  C-u Pinn holds a law degree from the prestigious National University of Singapore’s law school (which counts amongst its alumni the current Minister of Law as well as many prominent judiciaries in Singapore),  and qualified as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1999.  In addition, she is a Registered Patent Agent with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, and has a masters degree in counselling.  

C-u Pinn began practice as a lawyer with one of Singapore’s most venerated law firms which was founded by the first Prime Minister of Singapore and Senior Statesman, and subsequently become inhouse corporate counsel for SMEs such as the home-grown Fullmark Pte. Ltd. and the iconic Singapore Flyer, as well as the global market leader in the payment industry, Visa Worldwide (Pte.) Ltd.  

C-u Pinn started Pinn & Co., which was eventually rebranded as Arielle Law Corporation, when she realized that there were many businesses that needed legal assistance, but could not afford the high rates being charged by the larger law firms.  Being an entrepreneur at heart, C-u Pinn has a passion for developing businesses, and wanted to support such SMEs and start-ups by offering superior legal advice at reasonable rates.  

Arielle Law focuses on corporate and intellectual property advisory, contracts and intellectual property registrations, and has grown hand-in-hand along with its clients over the years, helping start-ups manned only by their founders blossom into notable companies invested into by venture capitalists.  Having experience as an inhouse counsel, C-u Pinn is able to advise in practical terms the legality of all aspects of running a business, and the documentation required to protect each transaction.  As such, C-u Pinn not only offers her legal knowledge, but also her business acumen in transactions and business structures.  Even more importantly is the approachability of C-u Pinn, which retainer clients recognise as a true measure of value

Arielle Law understands all crucial aspects of a business from marketing to HR to tax issues, which is what makes Arielle Law the perfect partner for entrepreneurs and SMEs, and enable them to succeed in their endeavours.

Areas of specialisation:-

- Shareholders’ Agreements
- Employment Contracts, Independent Contractor Agreements
- Referral Agreements
- Collaboration Agreements
- IT Agreements, Design Project Agreements
- Tenancy Agreements
- Privacy Policies, Website Terms of Use
- …and other commercial contracts
- Intellectual Property protection and commercialization  (Trademarks, Patents, Registered Designs, Copyright and Trade Secrets)

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